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Now. Stop. Breathe

When does happy begin?

When you stop trying to be happy. When you stop trying to hide what is not happy.

Then they appear, one by one, sometimes together.

First the Sadness comes to hug you. To tell you it’s there to make sure you’re ok. It’s a friend. It sits a while.

Then the Anger comes to say hello. And sits a while.

These friends you tried so hard to push away. They respected you. They didn’t want to bother you. Until they could no longer see you in pain , alone, without them around you. Helping you through. Until you called them back.

Sad and Angry light a bonfire.

And invite you to sit by the fire to warm up.

When the fire is lit, Loneliness comes to visit, to sit amongst friends, and warm up from the cold and lonely nights.

The friends sit around with you. Because when you stop trying, then Truth comes in, and makes room.

And you all sit by the fire, Sad, Angry, Lonely, Truth and you.

And you tell of the heroic stories of how you survived , of how you were lonely, and you were angry and sad, because life was not fair. Or easy. Or just.

And you sit together in the warmth of the fire, and warm up through the cold lonely night, and sad and angry days, and you sit together and cry and laugh together, at the stories, and THEN… Suddenly, HAPPY appears, seemingly out of nowhere, because it heard of the gathering, and heard the crying and laughter, and joined in by the fire. The fire of friendship.

Everyone is happy to see Happy, even Angry and Sad, and even though Angry is angry, they are happy to be happy.

And that’s when HAPPY begins.

When all of me sits together in friendship. And none of me is left out in the cold.

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