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by maya kadishman


Meditation is in everything. It’s when you stir the coffee in the morning while staring at the swirl. And stirring it so many times that you lose count.
It’s while staring into space for a minute of non-concentration. And you cannot remember if you were thinking, or what about.
It’s when you daydream, and that space outside makes space for the inside, and it contains the thoughts, the considerations, the worries, and they, for a moment only, seem to drift like clouds in the space. For a minute we’re not important. For a minute we’re just hanging there not knowing whether to come or go, and you have no urge to direct them or hold into them. To feel them. Or remember them.
You were, just for a little moment, like a child sitting on a hilltop staring into the sky, forgetting to worry or be scared. Forgetting that life was difficult. Or happy. Forgetting to be you.
Just for a moment. It just was.

Our life is full of these moments . We are just not aware of them, or of their importance. These are our natural moments of meditation.

We all live in meditation. We’re just not always aware that we’re meditating.

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