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Like many of us, I have recently journeyed through an extremely stressful time of grief, separation and isolation. I intuitively knew the value of having a physical anchor for my well-established mediation practice. During lockdown when I had the opportunity to look deeper within myself I discovered the sacredness (link to Sacredness blog) awaiting inside me. This led me to develop my Meditate Box series, each box a complete multi-sensory kit featuring carefully selected themes, for a speedy reset in any one of the most common areas of stress and distress. Each brightly coloured, beautifully designed box has a key focus such as Sleep, Calm and Abundance.

Neatly arranged inside each compact box is a super-soft cloth, an energetically-aligned precious stone, an appropriate essential oil selected based on my aromatherapy training, a meditation mantra and a link to a guided meditation. And I recommend setting the scene for your meditation session by settling in a comfortable quiet space where you will not be disturbed with a delicious aromatic cup of herbal tea.

Beyond the virtual world we have recently been increasingly limited to, my Meditate Boxes mindfully activate all our senses, bringing faster and more profound effective relief and comfort. As well as viscerally encompassing our senses of sight, sound, touch, smell and taste, the physical experience using each of the boxes gives us a feeling of deep satisfaction.

From my decades of experience with meditation, I know it’s most important to access the relaxing meditative state as quickly as possible, and to anchor it. That state can be elusive. By physically using the Mediate Boxes we get the best results. As my clients say, this is sanity in a box!

There is currently a range of a dozen boxes, developed in response to the most common challenging experiences. I plan to further develop the range, and will be able to produce custom ranges on request.

See the current range of Meditate Boxes here

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