Meditate Box Strength

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Meditate Box Strength

$ 97.00

Those days when you need the extra strength to get out of bed, meet with a challenge, or just to be reminded that you have what it takes to get through.

you have what it take to get through. lets go to find it.. 🌟💫

*Price includes worldwide delivery




Our core strength is how we hold ourselves through thick and thin. The immense essence within us which can take us through a storm, can get us to climb a mountain, allow us to let go of what we don’t need… it helps us to get out of bed in the morning , dry us when we are wet and makes room for joy… 

Whatever it is, our core strength will allow us to feel a sense of well-being and love. 

Strength is a part of what you are. And even when you don’t feel it, you can always find your way to it … 

Strength means you are as mighty as a mountain 

And as deep as a sea. 

You are. 

*Price includes worldwide delivery


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